WBMSAT News Bits 08/14/15

Featured Article

China, Russia and the U.S. are developing and testing controversial new capabilities to wage war in space despite their denial of such work.  (08-10)

Industry Reports

M2M Satellite Communication Market Poised to reach 5.91 Billion USD by 2020.  (08-11)

Is Small the new Big?  Unprecedented venture capital flowing to nano and microsat business plans.  (08-11)

Northern Sky report to provide unparalleled in-depth view at the drivers, regional trends, and capacity demand through 2024.  (September 2015)

Launch Activity

DoD asks industry what it would take to close business case to develop new rocket main engine for satellite launches. (08-13)

MUOS-4 secure communications satellite encapsulated for August 31 launch.  (08-13)

NBN’s ‘Sky Muster’ satellite to launch October 1, 2015.  (08-13)

Number of small satellites launched in 2015 is likely to fall short of the growth predicted in recent forecasts because of launch failure. (08-12)

Orbital ATK orders second Atlas 5, leaves door open for more.  (08-11)

In a move to make space more accessible, Rocket Lab has released a system for booking satellite launches online. (08-3)

Market Strategy & Revenues

SES Techcom Services and POST Telecom partner to develop smart cloud-based ICT solutions.  (08-14)

Gilat partners with leading China satellite communication companies for their first Ka HTS multi-spot-beam satellite.  (08-12)

NewSat to be liquidated.  (08-11)

X2nSat growth hits 24% in past six months.  (08-10)

Panasonic completes ITC Global acquisition.  (08-10)

HISPASAT reaches agreement with British owners of Goonhilly Earth Station to provide TV distribution services throughout Europe. (08-10)

Rockwell Collins acquires International Communications Group.  (08-10)

Satellite Construction

A new-generation telecommunications satellite developed by the European Space Agency in partnership with Hispasat has again fallen behind schedule.(08-13)

Lockheed Martin wins commercial Atlas launch contract for EchoStar XIX communications satellite – (08-11)

Satellite Technology

Thaicom and Kasetsart University to cooperate in research design and development to enhance efficiency of satellite communications systems.  (08-14)

DARPA program called Vacuum Electronic Science and Technology looks to build systems supporting higher operation RF signals that are “louder” and thereby harder to jam and otherwise interfere with.  (08-11)

Government, Military & Defense

Navy and Air Force test MUOS satellite system for truly global mobile communications.  (08-13)

Chairman of House Science Committee prods NASA about perceived special treatment for SpaceX following failure of ISS resupply mission. (08-3)

U.S. Army contracts Raytheon to conduct certification testing on an upgraded satellite communications system used on its aircraft.  (08-12)

India’s Department of Space considers changes in satellite communications policy.  (08-12)

General Dynamics equipping new Navy vessels with radios for MUOS.  (08-11)


Inmarsat awarded funding for project to revolutionise e-commerce and maternity services in remote Nigerian and Kenyan communities.  (08-14)

Samsung is proposing launching thousands of tiny satellites that could provide superfast internet to five billion people worldwide.  (08-13)

Earth Observation

Fugro expands survey services and satellite imagery capabilities.  (08-13)

Ground Systems

RT Logic and Spaceflight partner to enhance small satellite ground support.  (08-13)

Beam Communications to remove profiling of Oceana and Terra terminal SIMS to allow use in different market sectors, not just at sea.  (08-12)

Comtech Telecommunications gets $1.4 million in equipment orders to support mobile backhaul network upgrade in Latin America.  (08-10)

Oil & Gas

SpeekCast wins multiyear Ku-band connectivity contract for nine GMS barges working offshore oilfields.  (08-13)


Alpha Space signs cooperative agreement with NASA to offer first-in-the-world research flight facility. (08-13)

New military space traffic-management and operations center proposed as a backup could eventually take over the primary role. (08-12)

NASA building flying robot space drones.  (08-04)


NASA’s first successful communications satellite launched August 1, 1960.  (08-12)

IPSTAR, world’s first High Throughput Satellite, celebrates 10 years.  (08-10)

The Human Element

Ebola outbreak proves mettle of VSAT systems.  (08-11)

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