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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 09/30/2011

Friday, September 30th, 2011

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National Reconnaissance Office declassifies two of America’s top satellite reconnaissance programs, GAMBIT (KH-7) and HEXAGON (KH-9) 25 years after top secret Cold War-era missions ended.
[SatNews - 09/30/2011]

ILS Proton Breeze M booster lifts off from Baikonur with SES satellite QuetzSat-1.
[SatNews - 09/29/2011]

China launches experimental module to lay groundwork for future space station.
[R&D Magazine - 09/29/2011]

Hosted Payload Alliance meeting October 13 at SATCON 2011 expected to be attended by more than 150 representatives from industry and government, following panel session “Hosted Payloads on the Horizon: Opportunities and Challenges.”
[SatNews - 09/29/2011]

Arianespace gets contract to launch Mexsat 3 for Mexico in 2012.
[SatNews - 09/29/2011]

Eutelsat subsidiary Skylogic signs with VIVACOM to provide new generation Tooway satellite broadband service in Bulgaria.
[Sacramento Bee - 09/29/2011]

CCID Consulting launches China’s Satellite Application Industry Map White Paper in Beijing, demonstrating industry layout and future trends.
[Market Watch - 09/29/2011]

European Space Agency provides research and development guidance to Finnish company Patria, with help of Tampere University of Technology, in designing search and rescue antenna that can be sewn into life vest.
[SatNews - 09/29/2011]

Globecomm Systems gets multiple contracts valued at approximately $4M to provide U.S. Government end-users with Ku- and X-band aeronautical services, following launch of Airborne managed network services offering.
[SatNews - 09/29/2011]

TCS gets another SNAP order from U.S. Army worth $15M.
[Market Watch - 09/29/2011]

New Guardian Mobility system brings real-time two-way text messaging to the arena of portable satellite Automated Flight Following systems.
[SF Gate - 09-29-2011]

Comtech Telecommunications says it will continue to grow in spite of the loss of two Army contracts, Blue Force Tracking and Movement Tracking System.
[Space News - 09/29/2011]

Stratos provides Inmarsat BGAN broadband satellite service enabling Hotmix Radio to stream live, mobile show from Paris Techno Parade on Sept. 17th.
[Market Watch - 09/29/2011]

TC Communications provides Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro tor Himalayan expedition led by Peter Hillary, son of legendary mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary.
[SatNews - 09/29/2011]

Comtech EF Data and Intellian announce successful technology integration of v-Series antennas and ROSS Open Antenna Management protocol allowing maritime vessels to globally roam across multiple satellite beams.
[SatNews - 09/29/2011]

First high resolution satellite imagery released from NigeriaSat-2, revealing stunning 2.5m resolution photographs.
[SatNews - 09/28/2011]

Stratos introduces new FBB Flat Fee service plans for Inmarsat FleetBroadband.
[Market Watch - 09/28/2011]

EADS Astrium acquisition of Vizada prepares fighting lines for next MSS battleground.
[NSR - 09/28/2011]

Minotaur Rocket launches from Alaska with Navy TacSat4 satellite designed to allow troops with UHF radios to communicate without the need to deploy satellite antennas in dangerous situations.
[Fox News - 09/27/25011]

U.S. Space completes study for USAF and identifies cost-effective ways to procure military satellite communications.
[Market Watch - 09/27/2011]

Satellite Interference Reduction Group announces huge leap forward in fight against satellite interference following number of developments at IBC including introduction of video carrier ID across the industry.
[SatNews - 09/27/2011]

Thrane & Thrane signs to be key launch manufacturer for Inmarsat’s forthcoming Global Xpress service, a new Ka-band satellite Internet service expected to go live in 2013.
[SatNews - 09/27/2011]

Zenit 3-SL rocket launches from Sea Launch AG’s floating pad in equatorial Pacific with Eutelsat’s Atlantic Bird 7 satellite, marking first Sea Launch mission since emergence from bankruptcy.
[ninemsn - 09/26/2011]

NASA plans high-speed laser-based optical space communications system capable of moving data up to 100 times faster than current systems.
[Information Week - 09/26/2011]

Bentley Walker upgrades satellite Internet platform to iDirect’s iDX 3.0, and now provides faster satellite Internet across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.
[SatNews - 09/26/2011]

Ozonio and O3b Networks commit to providing Internet services to may remote towns and cities in Brazil’s State of Amazonas.
[Market Watch - 09/26/2011]

Adtec Digital’s EN-81 encoder/modulator and RD-60 decoder for 32APSK (Amplitude and Phase-Shift Keying) promise up to 30 percent more data using same bandwidth as 8PSK; companies testing include TV2Go of Canada, U.S. companies TNT and Encompass, and UK based IMG Media and British Sky Broadcaster.
[SatNews - 09/26/2011]

NASA reports that all debris from decommissioned research satellite appears to have fallen in remote section of Pacific Ocean.
[Wall Street Journal - 09/25/2011]

GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann accuses administration of allowing LightSquared to “put millions of Americans in harm’s way” by allowing it to activate a wireless signal that interferes with GPS.
[CBS News - 09/23/2011]

Wireless Backhaul via Satellite, 5th Edition report, available from NSR.
[NSR - September 2011]

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 09/23/2011

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

First global map of salinity of ocean surface produced from data collected by NASA’s Aquarius, aboard the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite/observatory.
[SatNews - 09/23/2011]

RRsat expands backup and disaster recovery with Spacecom, acting as Spacecom’s remote and mirror Earth station for telemetry monitoring, tracking, and commanding (TT&C) and In-Orbit Testing (IOT).
[SatNews - 09/23/2011]

U.S. Department of Defense tracks NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite as its orbit decays, expecting to predict when – and possibly where – it will re-enter the atmosphere.
[SatNews - 09/22/2011]

SES-2 satellite built by Orbital, with CHIRP hosted payload, successfully launched from French Guiana.
[Market Watch - 09/22/2011]

Japan launches new military Information Gathering Satellite known as Optical-4, with primary mission to provide early warning of impending hostile launches (prompted by 1998 North Korean missile launch).
[SatNewqs - 09/22/2011]

Two vessels receive Inmarsat-sponsored award recognizing extraordinary courage and seamanship for their rescue of a party of 64 students from sinking Canadian tall ship Concordia.
[SatNews - 09/22/2011]

Eutelsat’s ATLANTIC BIRD(TM) 7 satellite set for September 24 launch.
[Market Watch - 09/22/2011]

Defense Department’s 1000 lb., $150M 10-channel high power UHF satellite set to launch September 27 from Kodiak, Alaska – expected to free troops in the field from carrying heavy radio equipment and fiddling with antennas.
[Stars and Stripes - 09/22/2011]

Sea Launch, now 95% owned by Russian aerospace giant Rocket & Space Corp. Energia and headquartered in Switzerland, set to launch its first rocket Friday in over two years – ATLANTIC BIRD(TM) 7 for Eutelsat.
[LA Times - 09/22/2011]

Virgin Galactic unveils new $8M Final Assembly, Integration and Test Hangar (FAITH) at Mojave Air and Space Port for final stages of production of WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo.
[SatNews - 09/22/2011]

Thrane & Thrane to manufacture broadband terminals for Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network.
[Reuters - 09/22/2011]

India seeks to disable satellite phones at the border to fight terrorism.
[ars technica - 09/22/2011]

Ariane 5 lifts off from French Guiana with Arabsat 5C and SES-2 one day after being delayed by local strike by French Guiana workers.
[xinhuanet - 09/21/2011]

China receives first contract in Europe to build communications satellite for Belarus and launch from Xichang Satellite Launch Center.
[Satellite Today - 09/21/2011]

South Africa’s one and only satellite, Sumbandila, out of contact with its Mission Control and not downloading any images since being hit by blast of solar radiation in July.
[SatNews - 09/21/2011]

LightSquared claims filter developed by high-precision GPS receiver manufacturer Javad GNSS will fix problem of potential interference by LightSquared planned LTE network, can be adapted for receivers already in the market, and won’t make devices more expensive for consumers.
[Wireless Week - 09/21/2011]

Following successful trial on one of its LNG tankers, MOL LNG Transport Co. Ltd. is adding the KVH TracPhone V7 satellite communications system and mini-VSAT Broadband service to three of its LNG tankers.
[SatNews - 09/21/2011]

MTN Satellite Communications and Sensory International partner to deliver global VSAT services and connectivity to superyachts.
[Market Watch - 09/21/2011]

Harris opens new and totally advanced center for manufacturing of tactical radios and assured communication systems.
[SatNews - 09/21/2011]

General Dynamics receives FCC license for its Coms-on-the-Move terminals enabling continuous access to private- and government-owned communications satellites while on-the-move in vehicles.
[PR Newswire - 09/21/2011]

UtiliSat joins Satellite Industry Association as Associate Member.
[space ref - 09/21/2011]

Eutelsat and MultiChoice Africa Announce Winners of the First DStv Eutelsat Star Awards in competition by over 800 students from across Africa.
[Sacramento Bee - 09/21/2011]

Gilat subsidiary Spacenet gets renewal contract valued at up to $27M from U.S. retail giant for critical network solutions and potential store expansion.
[Market Watch - 09/21/2011]

NASA expects 26 of heaviest metal parts of a 20-year-old research satellite, which should break into more than 100 pieces as it enters the atmosphere this week, to reach Earth – but no one knows where.
[R&D Magazine - 09/20/2011]

Russia’s Proton-M carrier rocket successfully launched with a military purpose spacecraft aboard.
[SatNews - 09/20/2011]

Satmex signs multi-year multi-transponder lease agreement with Telefonica subsidiary Media Networks Latin America.
[SatNews - 09/20/2011]

Ratheon fields first AEHF satellite communications terminals to U.S. armed forces tactical units.
[Space Daily - 09/20/2011]

NewSat Jabiru-1 contracts reach $279M with latest $40.2M contract with Quicklink Communications.
[Satellite Today - 09/20/2011]

Marlink and Sea Tel team up to provide satellite communications for third Kaisei expedition seeking viable solutions to problems associated with marine debris in North Pacific Gyre.
[Maritime Executive - 09/20/2011]

Vizada and ARINC renew partnership to deliver mobile satellite services to commercial, government aviation customers.
[Military & Aerospace - 09/20/2011]

Gilat to supply VSATs for e-Education program in Latin American country.
[Satellite Spotlight - 09/20/2011]

Zhongxing-1A satellite carried aloft by Long March-3B from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province, China.
[SatNews - 09/19/2011]

Senate Appropriations Committee approves $500M in funding for commercial spaceflight as part of NASA’s 2012 budget.
[Satellite Today - 09/19/2011]

LightSquared CEO claims U.S. politicians using company as a pinata after being denied opportunity to testify at U.S. House Armed Service Committee hearing.
[Satellite Today - 09/19/2011]

Military communications satellite launched by China.
[Spaceflight Now - 09/18/2011]

Component crunch slows delivery of Ka-band communications satellites as only two companies manufacturing Ka-band TWTs, L-3 and Thales, are unable to keep up with demand.
[Space News - 09/16/2011]

Low-cost Disaster Warning Dissemination System conceived by India Space Research Organization can reach general public in local languages with early warnings of potential weather dangers using satellite-based Direct-to-home television broadcasts.
[Microwaves&RF - September 2011]

WBMSAT PS satellite communications systems services

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 09/16/2011

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Satellite operators SES SA and Telesat Holdings may need to stick to partnerships to expand in fast-growing emerging markets as acquisitions are often blocked by politics.
[Bloomberg - 09/16/2011]

Avanti Communications announces contract win for UK rural broadband supply.
[Proactive Investors - 09/16/2011]

Space Systems/Loral’s Viasat-1 Ka-band satellite arrives at Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Space Center launch base.
[Satellite Spotlight - 09/16/2011]

SES S.A. contracts with Osterreichischer Rundfunksender of Austria for a fourth transponder at 19.2 degrees East to launch two new public broadcasting channels in Austria.
[SatNews - 09/16/2011]

Space Weather research report states that solar superstorm could kill majority of in-orbit weather, telecommunications, and military satellites in less than a year.
[Satellite Today - 09/15/2011]

NASA selects designs of new heavy-lift rocket and crew capsule for ferrying cargo, equipment, and science experiments to Earth’s orbit and beyond, as well as serving as backup for transportation services to International Space Station.
[SatNews - 09/15/2011]

U.S. National Reconnaissance Office gets hit with budget cuts but preserves science and technology funding used to develop unique capabilities including advanced satellites, six of which have been launched in last seven months.
[Federal Times - 09/15/2011]

Weathernews Inc. of Tokyo, Japan sets date for launch of WNISAT-1 from the Yasny Cosmodrome in Russia for next September – satellite will monitor ice conditions in the Artic Sea.
[SatNews - 09/15/2011]

House Armed Services Committee hearing delves into LightSquared LTE plans and potential interference with military GPS systems – FCC Chairman chooses not to appear.
[Washington Post - 09/15/2011]

Eutelsat extends agreement with Russian Satellite Communications Company for satellite control from Dubna.
[Market Watch - 09/15/2011]

European Space Agency and Arianespace sign contract for launch of BepiColombo spacecraft, designed to explore planet Mercury.
[SatNews - 09/15/2011]

New Iridium personal services package includes capability to use Iridium satellite communications device together with your smart phone in areas where there is no wi-fi or cellular phone service.
[digital energy - 09/15/2011]

Globecomm Systems gets contract to host the enhanced and extended GSM wireless network of Chariton Valley Wireless Services of Northeast Missouri.
[SatNews - 09/15/2011]

TCS does it again- $9.3M order from U.S. Army for SNAP deployable satellite systems upgrades and spares equipment following earlier $20.7M in funding for equipment and field services support of SNAP systems. .
[Market Watch - 09/15/2011] - [Market Watch - 09/14/2011]

ViaSat receives delivery order valued at approximately $27.6M for Multifunctional Information Distribution System – Low Volume Terminals from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.
[SatNews - 09/15/2011]

Gilat U.S. subsidiary Spacenet Integrated Government Solutions wins third U.S. government contract to provide satellite communications services.
[Globes - 09/15/2011]

Northrop Grumman signs three-year agreement to become leased services provider and network services distribution partner of Inmarsat’s satellite services around the world.
[Emoney Daily - 09/15/2011]

Euroconsult 8th annual awards go to: Global Satellite Operator of the Year – Inmarsat; Strategic Transaction of the Year – EchoStar Corporation; Regional Satellite Operator of the Year – AsiaSat; Broadband Satellite Operator of the Year – Hughes Communications.
[SatNews - 09/14/2011]

European Space Agency shut down the second European Remote Sensing satellite ERS-2 after 16 years of providing data for thousands of scientists and projects.
[SatNews - 09/14/2011]

FCC wants further tests of LightSquared’s proposed mobile broadband network as concern mounts over possible interference with GPS.
[Mobiledia - 09/14/2011]

Sirius XM CEO expects significant revenue growth in 2012 after company raised subscription fees for first time in about a decade.
[LA Times - 09/14/2011]

KVH to unveil new 1-meter TracVision(R) HD11 marine satellite TV system for global HD with digitally programmable multi-beam Universal World LNB.
[Market Watch - 09/14/2011]

U.S. Navy announces plans to launch September 27 the Tactical Microsatellite (TacSat)-4, funded by Office of Naval Research and developed by Naval Research Laboratory to allow service members around the world to use handheld radio for mobile communications in the field without having to set up a satellite antenna.
[Stars & Stripes - 09/13/2011]

Worries about Russian rocket reliability delay launches of U.S. and French satellites and crew rotation for International Space Station.
[The Hindu - 09/13/2011]

Graduate students at Purdue designing and building rocket engine that could land a vehicle on the moon.
[R&D Magazine - 09/13/2011]

Farstaed Shipping signs 5-year satellite communications contract with Harris CapRock Communications for 53 offshore supply vessels.
[Market Watch - 09/13/2011]

Comtech receives $12.1M in orders for broadband high-power amplifiers to un-named U.S. contractor.
[Bloomberg Business Week - 09/13/2011]

Eutelsat aims to improve quality assurance standards for satellite TV ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
[Cable - 09/12/2011]

Hughes is awarded extension contract for U.S. Air Force study of commercial communications satellite systems capabilities.
[Market Watch - 09/12/2011]

LightSquared forges ahead with another wholesale agreement, with VoX Communications.
[Market Watch - 09/12/2011]

Arabsat announces that all necessary technical and logistics requirements for global distribution of Saudi League matches in Europe and the U.S. have been finalized.
[SatNews - 09/11/2011]

Thuraya IP, world’s smallest satellite high throughput solution, attracts praise from British and French Ministries of Defence, will be showcased at upcoming DSEi exhibition in London.
[Teletechwire - 09/11/2011]

LightSquared says it can avert interference problems with GPS systems by limiting power levels and adjusting height and tilt of antennae.
[Kansas City Star - 09/10/2011]

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 09/09/2011

Friday, September 9th, 2011
SES S.A. presents new brand identity and logo as operating units merge into single entity, with independent subsidiary SES Government Solutions to market to U.S. government.
[SatNews - 09/09/2011]
New unified approach and identity of merged entities forming SES S.A. outlined by CEO of SES Government Solutions.
[SatNews - 09/09/2011]
Iridium adds new services to “personal mobile satellite communications” product, including extending beyond satellite phones to include enabling a Wi-Fi hotspot capability for connecting devices.
[Satellite Spotlight - 09/09/2011]
Launch of ViaSat-1, delayed in August due to Proton Breeze-M failure, is now scheduled for October.
[SatNews - 09/09/2011]
MIT led NASA GRAIL moon mission, twin spacecraft set to precisely map moon’s gravitational field, suffered launch delay yesterday due to high winds. Re-scheduled to launch today, Friday September 9,
[R&D Magazine - 09/09/2011]
the launch is scrubbed a second time.
[SatNews - 09/09/2011]
Skyware Global debuts new Cielo Ka-band product range with world’s first truly integrated Ka-band VSAT transceiver.
[SatNews - 09/09/2011]
International Datacasting announces debut of IDC Systems & Solutions, offering comprehensive end-to-end systems integration for broadcasters.
[SatNews - 09/09/2011]
Satellite operators SES SA and Intelsat SA push services such as military drones in preparation for biggest increase in satellite capacity in at least 10 years (more than 200 commercial communication satellites to be launched by 2020).
[Bloomberg - 09/08/2011]
Orbit of NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite decays, with re-entry into atmosphere expected by late September or early October.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
Satlink Communications’ live trial of Novelsat’s 3G-SAT NS3(TM) technology shows over 50% increase above DVB-S2 in bandwidth efficiency.
{MarketWatch – 09/08/2011]
TRACE selects Eutelsat’s EUROBIRD 9A satellite to broadcast its platform of HD channels across Europe and Middle East.
[PR Newswire - 09/08/2011]
Newtec signs contracts with Eutelsat’s Skylogic (for TOOWAY product), SES ASTRA (for ASTRA2Connect product), and African company SkyVine for the Newtec Sat3Play hub systems to provide two-way IP broadband services.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
Space Systems/Loral selected to provide two high-power satellites to Intelsat.
[Market Watch - 09/08/2011]
SES S.A. gets contract from GlobeCast for transponder on SES-4 as well as additional transponder on ASTRA-4A to launch two new broadcast platforms for sub-Saharan African region.
[MarketWatch - 09/08/2011]
TCS continues its successes with the U.S. military as the U.S. Marine Corp signs contract for integrated communications system that carries potential value of $139.8M.
[UPI - 09/08/2011]
Vizada expands Satcom portfolio to include new Iridium Extreme and Iridium AxcessPoint with location-based services like online tracking and emergency SOS notification.
[Market Watch - 09/08/2011]
Globecomm Systems is awarded two contracts from US Government customers valued at $12.8M, with options that could potentially increase value up to $66.6M for both contracts.
[Market Watch - 09/08/2011]
Emergency services professionals choose KVH TracPhone V3 Mini-VSAT for portable satellite communications.
[4-traders - 09/08/2011]
Marlink signs agreement with Wilson Ship Management to provide 80 of its ships with SCAP FleetBroadband on 36 month contract.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
C-COM debuts new 98cm iNetVue Ka-band antenna, tested by Gilat and fully integrated with Gilat’s SkyEdge II Ka-band terminals.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
ATCi tailors Simulsat transport system for European market.
[PR Newswire - 09/08/2011]
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory provides scientists with new information that energy from some solar flares is stronger and lasts longer than previously thought.
[R&D Magazine - 09/08/2011]
Sea&Space of Belgium signs for capacity on Telesat’s Telstar 11N to bring advanced broadband services to remote African communities.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
DIRECTV Latin America signs with Intelsat for capacity on two new satellites to expand its DTH offerings and provide backup and restoration services.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
Advanta Technologies joins list of companies signing wholesale-only compacts with LightSquared.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
Optimal Satcom awarded multi-year contract by Asia Broadcast Satellite to provide enterprise satellite capacity system to help manage ABS’ growing commercial satellite business.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
Work Microwave announces new-generation DVB-S/S2 modulator.
[SatNews - 09/08/2011]
British scientists attempt to revive only satellite ever launched by the British (in 1971) – Prospero was only launched because it was finished; Ministers had already pulled the plug on the Black Arrow project.
[Daily Mail - 09/07/2011]
SES and Gazprom agreement boosts Russian satellite capacity with relocation of Astra 1F satellite.
[Digital TV Europe - 09/07/2011]
Eutelsat and Eser Telekom announce agreement to expand reach of Tooway(TM) satellite broadband into Turkey and neighbouring countries.
[Market Watch - 09/07/2011]
Hughes ships Ka-band broadband satellite solution to YAHSAT.
[Market Watch - 09/07/2011]
Hispasat selects Arianespace to launch its new Amazonas-3 telecommunications satellite.
[SatNews - 09/07/2011]
GlobeCast cuts ribbon on new Rome teleport.
[Satellite Today - 09/07/2011]
New Globalstar satellites now providing improved voice and data service for North American customers.
[GlobeNewswire - 09/06/2011]
ORBIT aims to expand tracking and telemetry/satellite earth observation business in the U.S.
[Market Watch - 09/06/2011]
ViaSat wins contracts from Boeing for ground based beam forming system for Mexican satellite.
[Market Watch - 09/06/2011]
KVH mini-VSAT broadband service now available in South America to all subscribers, completing original global coverage plan for the maritime satellite communications network.
[Market Watch - 09/06/2011]
Broadcom announces entry into Out Door Unit market with Full-Band Capture Satellite Channel Stacker solution supporting 24 independent channels, delivering more HD streams, multi-room DVR and IP services throughout the home.
[Market Watch - 09/06/2011]
Independent mobile and satellite networks likely to benefit from AT&T’s antitrust woes, and Justice Department sues to prevent AT&T merger with T-Mobile.
[Seeking Alpha - 09/05/2011]
Pakistan Chairman SUPARCO confident that recently launched PAKSAT-1R has capacity to bring revolution to national education programme.
[Pak Observer - 09/05/2011]
Croatia’s KLasik TV joins AMOS satellite system.
[News on News - 09/05/2011]
Hong Kong-based telco PCCW Global and Vizada Networks team up to expand international terrestrial and satellite services coverage of both companies.
[Trade Arabia - 09/04/2011]
Inmarsat launches a price War and goes direct – the risks and the possible rewards.
[SatMagazine - September issue]

Satellite Industry News Headlines September 2, 2011

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits September 2, 2011
(Back in the saddle again after summer hiatus)

Boeing wins $1B Air Force contract for a seventh Wideband Global Satcom satellite.
[All Headline News - 09/02/2011]

Syrian satellite TV station keeps Moammar Kadafi on the air.
[LA Times - 09/02/2011]

Two-foot-wide model of world’s first geosynchronous commercial communications satellite, Syncom, shares the stage at Boeing celebration of 50 years in the satellite business.
[SatNews - 09/02/2011]

Stellar Group utilizes Newtec’s Flex ACM and three transponders on inclined orbit satellite to provide reliable high speed satellite link to camp of 40,000 in Afghanistan.
[SatNews - 09/02/2011]

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) pre3pares for launch of Megha-Tropiques advanced weather and climate satellite later this month aboard Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.
[SatNews - 09/02/2011]

Orbital Sciences receives Commercial Space Transportation License from Federal Aviation Administration to conduct Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program demonstration mission in 2012.
[SatNews - 09/02/2011]

National Polar-orbiting Operational Environment Satellite System Preparatory Project satellite,. first of new generation of satellites to observe many facets of our changing Earth, arrives at Vandenberg for October launch.
[SatNews - 09/02/2011]

Aljazeera invests in several Multimedia Exchange Network over Satellite TV interactive terminals from Newtec.
[SatNews - 09/02/2011]

Comtech EF Data’s new LPOD to get deployed by U.S. Government under $1.2M satellite earth station equipment order from leading solutions provider.
[SatNews - 09/02/2011]

iPONT International and SES Astra to demonstrate glasses-free 3DTV on SES stand at IBC 2011.
[SatNews - 09/02/2011]

Orbital awarded $135M contract by NASA for Icesat-2 earth science satellite program.
[Reuters - 09/01/2011]

Inmarsat GX and Rockwell Collins team up to expand airborne connectivity for aeronautical industry.
[Satellite Spotlight - 09/01/2011]

Gaps in smart grid network communications technologies lead many utility companies to consider two-way satellite IP networks.
[Electric Light & Power - 09/01/2011]

Worried National Research Council committee urges NASA to place greater focus on space junk.
[Science Magazine - 09/01/2011]

Repaired Amos 5 satellite to be launched in December 2011.
[Globes - 09/01/2011]

Three men responsible for damaging Waihopai Valley intelligence gathering satellite dome in 2008 found liable for damages by High Court at Wellington, NZ.
[NZ Herald - 09/01/2011]

New Euroconsult report says growth continues but slows as challenges emerge for the satellite communications sector.
[Broadcast Engineering - 08/31/2011]

Roscosmos considers returning the federal space program to the framework of the state defense order to ensure steady financing and reduce the number of accidents with space launches.
[SatNews - 08/31/2011]

Launch of China’s Tiangong satellite will be delayed due to failure of experimental orbiter SJ-11-04 to enter orbit following its launch last weerk.
[SatNews - 08/31/2011]

Hughes wins two orbital slots in Brazilian auction.
[PR Newswire - 08/31/2011]

Thuraya partners with SRT Wireless to redefine the future of satellite data transmission.
[MarketWatch - 08/31/2011]

LightSquared and Inmarsat join forces to support hurricane Irene emergency responders.
[Satellite Spotlight - 08/31/2011]

Expand Networks offers satellite optimization for reliable communications in disaster events.
[Satellite Spotlight - 08/31/2011]

American Family Radio chooses Ka You Communications and VSAT Systems to connect 156 of their transmitter sites to the Internet to comply with new Common Alerting Protocol for the Emergency Alert System.
[PR Newswire - 08/31/2011]

Gilat is selected to provide multi-million dollar SkyEdsge II broadband network and services for security communications in Latin America.
[MarketWatch - 08/31/2011]

Russia lifts suspension on launches of main Proton-M rockets, pointing to problem with Briz-M booster stage as cause of August 18 failed launch.
[Reuters - 08/30/2011]

Kratos wins $6M in contracts to provide critical SATCOM situational awareness products and value added services to the military, government and intelligence communities.
[MarketWatch - 08/30/2011]

Eutelsat Communications announces six-year distribution agreement between Skylogic subsidiary and Egyptsat, bringing satellite broadband to Egyptians.
[Broadband TV News - 08/30/2011]

RRsat signs with Spacecom for Amos-5 satellite remote and mirror earth station for telemetry monitoring, tracking, and commanding, and In-Orbit Testing of the satellite following its December launch.
[PR Newswire - 08/30/2011]

KVH and ViaSat enhance KVH’s Mini-VSAT Broadband network, doubling uplink speeds and implementing adaptive return-link technology.
[SatNews - 08/30/2011]

Vizada launches SkyFile C Store & Push to offer customers highly-reliable data reporting and polling services, enabling shipping companies to adhere strictly to international maritime law.
[SatNews - 08/30/2011]

Arianespace places hold on launch of Arabsat 5X and SES-2 in order to carry out supplementary checks on the ESC-A upper-stage cryogenic engine.
[SatNews - 08/30/2011]

One-day International satellite-industry forum organized by Global VSAT Forum and Satellite Interference Reduction Group twill be held in Netherlands September 8 to target satellite interference.
[SatNews - 08/30/2011]

TSF lands in Tripoli, and establishes satellite links to benefit medical establishments and organizations charged with treating injured that have been evacuated.
[SatNews - 08/30/2011]

Dish Network unveils portable satellite TV antenna for tailgaters, campers, and customer engaging in other outdoor activities.
[Satellite Today - 08/30/2011]

Pakistan telco awards $134M satellite contract to NewSat.
[The Express Tribune - 08/30/2011]

As 6,500 cell sites in four states are knocked out by Irene, Army North coordinates with FEMA and dispatches defense coordinating officer teams equipped with Chevrolet Suburban Emergency Response vehicles with satellite communication systerms.
[NextGov - 08/29/2011]

ViaSat completes Yonder mobile high-speed Internet coverage over South America.
[MarketWatch - 08/29/2011]

X Class solar flare of August 9, 2011 and subsequent disruption to Japan’s Kodama communications satellite illustrate the vulnerability of Earth’s communication systems to astronomical events – underscores need to prepare.
[PR Web - 08/29/2011]

Globalstar completes French authorization of new satellite constellation.
[MarketWatch - 08/29/2011]

Raytheon ground system passes launch test for critical Polar orbiting satellite.
[Ottawa Citizen - 08/29/2011]

Dish Network and DirecTV take opposite tacks, as Dish embraces diversification including launch of new LTE network, while DirecTV is “well-advanced on a debt-fueled share buyback.”
[DSL Reports - 08/29/2011]

T-Mobile rolls out new satellite backhaul-supported emergency voice service.
[Satellite Today - 08/29/2011]

Research satellite set for launch from Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska on September 27.
[Chron - 08/28/2011]

ISRO issues request for proposal seeking available satellite capacity to lease.
[SatNews - 08/28/2011]

Dish Network seeks FCC approval of TerreStar-DBSD merger.
[Space News - 08/26/2011]

Nigerian satellite launched August 17 returns first pictures.
[BBC News - 08/26/2011]

Russian cargo rocket bound for International Space Station with food and fuel fails and lands in Siberian forest.
[The New York Times - 08/24/2011]

Dish Network wants FCC to let it use Terrestar’s satellite spectrum to roll out LTE-Advanced, although the new standard is not yet ready.
[Wireless Week - 08/23/2011]