WBMSAT News Bits 02/20/2016

Featured Article

GVF and Informa launch global programme to highlight synergies of wireless and satellite.  (02-18-2016)

Industry Groups, Trade Shows

Satellite 2016 fast approaching.

Industry Reports

NSR’s Satellite Capactiy Pricing Index –Q1 2016 looks at cost of satellite capacity.  (02-18-2016)

Eutelsat net income increases 17% in first half of fiscal 2015–2016.  (02-17-2016)

Streaming delays mentally taxing for smartphone users.  (02-17-2016)

Ukraine space sector possibly suffered 80% revenue loss due to conflict with Russia.  (02-16-2016)

Maritime Satellite Communication Market worth 3.10 Billion USD by 2020.

Launch Activity

Air Force says Atlas 5 will be grounded if Russian RD-180 is found to violate U.S. sanctions.  (02-19-2016)

EU taking closer antitrust look at Airbus Safran Launchers’ Arianespace purchase.  (02-19-2016)

Spire signs Rocket Lab for up to 12 Electron launches.  (02-16-2016)

Market Strategy & Revenues

Advantech Wireless opens new headquarters in U.S.  (02-19-2016)

Eutelsat to sell 50% of consumer broadband service to ViaSat in recommitment to that market, but is cautious on Pentagon demand.  (02-18-2016)

CopaSAT becomes Airbus Defence and Space partner for Skynet military satellite communications primarily on Skynet 5A satellite.  (02-17-2016)

ExactEarth looks to government AIS, Satellite IoT to boost growth.  (02-12-16)

Satellite Construction

Brazil’s TIM exploring Ka-band satellite deal with Yahsat.  (02-18-2016)

Satellite Technology

NASA seeks to purchase cubesat buses.  (02-16-2016)

Government, Military & Defense

Intelsat, having forced DISA to scrap an earlier contract with Inmarsat/Segovia, again protests new request for bids.  (02-19-2016)

U.S. Department of Defense awards Iridium $8.57 million for task order for gateway modernization.  (02-18-2016)

Boeing gets $54.9 million modification to Air Force contract for X-band anti-jam improvement to its satellite communications.  (02-18-2016)

Nigerian government shelves plan to privatise Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited.  (02-17-2016)

UltiSat gets contract to provide integrated and managed SATCOM network solution in Iraq.  02-16-2016)

U.S. Air Force has revamped its next-generation weather satellite program to include at least three satellites.  (02-15-2016)


Optus Satellite and Electrotech connect Spirit of Tasmania passengers with data streaming services.  (02-18-2016)

ThinKom looks to grow its antenna tech across the aviation market.  (02-18-20160

American Airlines has filed a lawsuit to ditch its longtime in-flight internet provider, Gogo, for better service from ViaSat.  (02-17-2016)

Gilat targets aeronautical market for its new phased array antennas.  (02-17-2016)

GoGo vows to fight to keep American Airline’s service from going to ViaSat.  (02-16-2016)

Air China renews agreement for Rockwell Collins’ ARINC GLOBALink communication services.  (02-16-2016)

Orbcomm, exactEarth compete for key Canadian satellite-AIS contract.  (02-12-2016)


ViaSat expects to offer next-gen 100 Mbps satellite broadband by 2019 with the first of its new terabit broadband satellites.  (02-18-2016)


Eutelsat Communications has reached a new record number of channels, having crossed the threshold of 6,000 channels broadcasting from its fleet.  (02-17-2016)0

Capacity Deals

Panasonic makes major HTS capacity commitment on Telesat’s Telstar 12 Vantage.  (02-16-2016)

Ground Systems

Paradigm releases Swarm45 flat panel Ka-band terminal.  (02-19-2016)

NovelSat shows in demonstrations that NovelSat NS4 delivers up to 22% higher spectral efficiency compared with DVB-S2X  (02-18-16)

Integrasys launches Alusat ‘always up satellite terminal.’  (02-18-2016)

C-Com Ka-band antennas certified to operate on Galaxy Broadband’s network.  (02-17-2016)

Norco and MouldCAM have recently developed a new satellite dish, demonstrating an RMS of 0.16mm.  (02-15-2016)


Quake Global CEO discusses role of satellite in IoT (Internet of Things).  (02-19-2016)


Gilat’s satellite-based cellular backhaul enables SoftBank to provide high-speed LTE services in remote areas.  (02-16-2016)

Iridium gets contract from General Dynamics to provide its newest satellite handset, the Iridium Extreme® 9575, redesigned exclusively for government use.  (02-16-2016)

Beam Communications has announced Telstra will sell the innovative Iridium GO!® nationally throughout Australia.  (02-16-2016)

Oil & Gas, Mining

KVH to provide VSATs for Byzantine Maritime Gas.  (02-19-2016)

Speedcast partners with Gazprom to utilize capacity on Yamal-402 to serve oil and gas companies across Africa.  (02-19-16)

Hughes mines point-to-point satellite links for MSHA mine emergency operations.  (02-18-2016)


Virgin Glactic unveils second SpaceShipTwo.  (02-19-2016)


WBMSAT News Bits 01/29/16

Featured Article

The era of commercial space laser communications is about to begin.  (01-29-11)

Launch Activity

QB50 shits plans from launching with Brazilian-Ukrainian Cyclone 4 to NanoRacks and Kosmotras.  (01-29-16)

U.S. Air Force issues 10th and final booster propulsion technology maturation BAA award.  (01-28-16)

Ariane 5 places 1st Intelsat Epic high-throughput satellite into orbit. (01-27-16)

Proton-M rocket carrying Eutelsat 9B communications satellite set for launch from Baikonur.  (01-28-16)

Air Force certifies upgraded SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket for use in National Security Space missions.  (01-27-16)

SpaceX to launch Amos 6 satellite in May.  (01-26-16)

Blue Origin successfully re-launches and safely lands used New Shepard suborbital rocket.  (01-25-16)

Market Strategy & Revenues

Airbus Defence and Space and OneWeb create OneWeb Satellites company.  (01-27-16)

Telenor Satellite to further expand portfolio with new name.  (01-26-16)

Satellite Construction

Raytheon awarded NASA contract modification for two satellite sensors as part of the JPSS follow-on missions.  (01-29-16)

How a Va. Startup Plans to Launch 648 Satellites.  (01-26-16)

Airbus Defence and Space gets contract to provide two further optical satellites for Copernicus program.  (01-26-16)

India and France to develop satellite to study climate change.  (01-23-16)

Satellite Technology

NovaWurks prepares self-assembling spacecraft for LEO demonstration.  (01-27-16)

Government, Military & Defense

Iran’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology visits France with goal of promoting cooperation in building a national telecommunication satellite.  (01-27-16)


ViaSat gets contract to provide satellite terminals for Apache AH-64E Guardian helicopters.  (01-29-15)


LoRa Alliance, an industry organization in the IoT space, wants satellite companies to help define IoT standards.  (01-26-16)


AT&T to bundle DirectTV video into more service offerings.  (01-28-16)

ViaSat introduces new Exede business Internet service plans.  (01-26-16)

Capacity Deals

ABS signs a multi-transponder contract with Bluesky Pacific Group for satellite services on ABS 6. (01-27-16)

Ground Systems

Orbcomm releases IsatData Pro core modem.  (01-27-16)

SBIRS improved ground system passes final development capstone.  (01-25-16)

India to build satellite tracking station in Vietnam that offers eye on China.  (01-25-16)


The satellite industry is improving the way that terminal specifications, testing, and approvals are applied. (01-28-16)

Inmarsat wins mobile satellite communications contract for UAE.  (01-27-15)

Globalstar Spot activations hit 2015 record in Europe.  (01-25-16)

Service Deals

CSG Singleview and Total Service Mediation Chosen to Serve Next-Gen satellite services at Globalstar.  (01-26-16)

NIGCOMSAT is to provide 15 year In-Orbit Test (IOT) and Carrier Spectrum Monitoring (CSM) Services for the Belarus’ satellite. (01-26-16)


NSSLGlobal announces a significant upgrade to its fully-owned and operated VSAT network with the activation of two new beams. (01-28-16)

Paradigm providing VSAT systems for EU-funded project to serve over 50 countries in African market.  (01-25-16)


The Challenger seven remembered 30 years after STS-51L.  (01-28-16)

WBMSAT News Bits 01/03/16

Featured Article

Russian defense chief says SpaceX is ‘stepping on toes’ of Russia in space transport market.  (12-30-15)

Launch Activity

China has launched its most sophisticated observation satellite, Gaofen 4, as part of the country’s High-Definition (HD) Earth observation project.  (12-30-15)

The Russian communications satellite Express-AMU1 was launched aboard the Proton-M launch vehicle from Baikonur, Kazakhstan on 25 December.  (12-28-15)

Market Strategy & Revenues

As Singapore restructures its economy, the space, or satellite industry is one of new growth industries that are a priority.  (12-30-15)

SpeedCast acquires Newcom, continues expansion to South America.  (12-29-15)

Satellite Construction

SSL selected to provide a communications satellite to PT Telkom Indonesia.  (12-31-15)

Airbus Defense and Space and Thales Alenia Space have been awarded a contract to build France’s next-generation communications satellite.  (12-29-15)

Inmarsat orders two sixth-generation satellites from Airbus Defence and Space.  (12-24-15)

SSL selected to provide new high throughput satellite to Telesat.  (12-24-15)

Satellite Technology

European Space Propulsion (ESP) successfully completes testing of a five-kilowatt Hall Thruster.  (12-31-15)

NASA Selects Aerojet Rocketdyne to Further Develop Thruster that Uses Green Propellant.  (12-31-15)

Government, Military & Defense

United Launch Alliance (ULA) has contracted Orbital ATK to provide large-size composite structures to be used for the Atlas 5 and Delta 4 vehicles in support of the current United States Air Force Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles (EELV) programs.  (12-31-15)

Nigerian government, through NIGCOMSAT, wins bid to provide communications satellite technology services to Republic of Belarus over 15 years.  (12-31-15)

Pentagon announced that Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems has won a $102.9 million to produce Multiband Terminals to the US Navy.  (12-30-15)


Yahsat is keen to carve a niche in the In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) market. (12-31-15)

Delta Airlines wants the FCC to permit auction of new Air-To-Ground (ATG) spectrum within Ku-band for inflight connectivity. (12-29-15)


Norwegian Cruise Line broke the world record for the most social media usage at sea in November this year on a passenger ship linked to fast broadband VSAT. (12-28-15)

Oil & Gas

ITC Global has won two three-year contracts to provide remote offshore communications to five FPSOs offshore West Africa.  (12-23-15)

WBMSAT News Bits 12/23/2015

Featured Article

SpaceX launches 11 ORBCOMM satellites and achieves historic landing. (12-22)

Industry Reports

NSR Report points to polar regions as budding satcom markets.  (12-18)

Land transport drives satellite M2M/IOT.  (12-17)

The Great Satcom Convergence.  (12-16)

Launch Activity

Does SpaceX launch and first stage landing portend a new future for humanity?  (12-22)

Amateur radio tech team plans launch of amateur radio transponder into geosynchronous orbit to support emergency communications.  (12-22)

National University of Singapore (NUS) team pushes space frontier with first satellite launched with 6 Singapore made satellites from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh, India.  (12-20)

New Chinese satellite will join the hunt for dark matter.  (12-19)

Russian Proton-M lifts GARPUN military satellite to orbit.  (12-14)

Market Strategy & Revenues

Airbus Group divests Commercial Satcom business and retains Government.  (12-22)

Cubic announces purchase of GATR and TeraLogics.  (12-21)

  1. Goldman & Company eliminated its stake in Loral Space & Communications Ltd. (12-19)

Inmarsat climbs on prospects for airline business and fourth satellite launch.  (12-17)

SES and Viasat extend partnership for TV distribution in the Nordic and Baltic countries.  (2-17)

LightSquared has risen again after three-and-a-half years in Chapter 11, with new backers on board.  (12-16)

Turksat and Inmarsat enter MoU to explore opportunities, initially in the defence and aviation sectors.  (12-14)

Satellite Construction

ViaSat is ramping up its coverage with a plan for global High Throughput Satellite (HTS) connectivity with a fleet of three new satellites.  (12-14)

Satellite Operations

Brazilian geostationary satellite enters integration and testing phase.  (12-22)

France and Japan test satellite-to-ground laser communications.  (12-21)

Boeing has transferred on-orbit control of the Morelos 3 satellite, launched Oct. 2 aboard an Atlas 5 rocket, to the Mexican government.  (12-17)

Spacecom’s Amos-5 goes dead, declared a permanent loss.  (12-15)

Satellite’s last days improve orbital decay predictions.  (12-15)

Telstar 12 VANTAGE satellite is now fully operational at 15 degrees West. (12-15)

Satellite Technology

Hoverink International Holdings plans Orbital Advertising Platform via a hosting orbital satellite from which they can display holographic images of brands (12-22).

Globalstar Announces Next Generation Technology Agreement With Yippy, Inc  (12-17)

Government, Military & Defense

French armed forces order two communications satellites.  (12-23)

Thales and Airbus to supply French military satellite communications.  (12-23)

U.S. Army awards GATR its first T2C2 LRIP delivery order worth $3.26 million under single award IDIQ Small Business Innovation Research III contract.  (12-21)

Defense experts predict the next world conflict will begin in space with superpowers or terrorists blasting communications and spy satellites out of orbit.  (12-19)

DoD’s Pivot to Commercial Satcom: Reality or Wishful Thinking?  (12-18)

Russia now fields one of the largest and most effective satellite groups in the world, and it has reached a peak of activity amid the military operations in Syria.  (12-14)


EchoStar supports FCC satellite-licensing reform order.  (12-18)


The connected aircraft readies for takeoff.  (12-21)


Avanti is deploying Gilat VSATs to provide the fastest available broadband Internet access to rural households throughout the UK. (12-23)

Smart Rural signs contract with Avanti for rural Spain and Portugal.  (12-21)

TerniEnergia to use Avanti’s Ka-band satellite technology to provide high-speed broadband connectivity to its renewable energy plants located in South Africa.  (12-18)

Tech experts pour scorn on Trump’s plan to ‘close’ parts of the Web to ISIS.  (12-17)

Bentley Walker signs additional contract with Avanti Communications to deploy connectivity across East Africa and the U.K.  (12-16)

SES Links With SolarKiosk to Bring Off-Grid Internet to Underserved Villages Worldwide.  (12-15)

Children studying in regional and remote Australia will soon have access to dedicated broadband capacity. (12-14)

NBN doubles satellite data allowances, moves 40k homes to fixed-wireless.  (12-14)

Inmarsat will provide attendees at the Satellite Industry Association’s (SIA) 11 Annual DoD Commercial Satcom Workshop with live, interactive demonstrations of Global Xpress.  (12-14)

Capacity Deals

Televisa of Mexico contracts for capacity on SES’s AMC-9 satellite.  (12-18)

Ground Systems

Peru’s Fitel awards Gilat a regional telecommunications infrastructure project for $108 million, in the region of Cusco.  (12-17)


KVH expands the capacity of its mini-VSAT Broadband network around the globe with two major upgrades (12-23).

EMC signs agreement with Mercy Ships to expand and upgrade satellite communications systems and services it provides the hospital vessel operator.  (12-21)

Marlink VSAT services provide reliable connectivity for operational and crew communications on MSC Zoe and 130 other MSC ships.  (12-18)

Novel tsunami detection network uses navigation systems on commercial ships.  (12-16)

Inmarsat, EM Solutions Combine Milsatcom, Global Xpress for New Maritime Satellite Terminal.  (12-15)


Kymeta And Intelsat Complete Industry-First Mobility Tests For Next Generation Antenna Technology.  (12-15)

Oil & Gas

ITC Global awarded multiple contracts for offshore communications in Western Africa.  (12-21)

The Human Element

GVF votes Harris CapRock president Haslam to board of directors of GVF.  (12-22)

WBMSAT News Bits 12/13/2015

Industry Reports

NSR forecasts data volume for Satellite Fixed Broadband to grow at a CAGR of 27% over the next ten years, but this growth must be placed in proper context. (12-09)

Launch Activity

Zenit-2SB rocket launches Elektro-L No. 2 satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Dec. 11, 2015. (12-12)

China on Thursday morning put a new communication satellite into orbit from the southwestern Xichang Satellite Launch Center.(12-10)

SpaceX Returns With ORBCOMM Satellite Launch, May Attempt Ground-Based Landing Next Week. (12-10)

SES-9 arrives at Cape Canaveral for mid-January launch.  (12-10)

Snafus prompted six-month launch delay for NOAA’s next coastal-watchdog satellite GOES-R.

NASA to use two CubeSats to test multiple Satellite Networking and Communications. (12-08)

Market Strategy & Revenues

Inmarsat and Turksat enter collaborative partnership.  (12-11)

AEROSATCOM, joint venture by Eclipse and NSSL Global, becomes Value Added Reseller for Inmarsat’s Global Xpress. (12-09)

Ooredoo and Es’hailSat sign a major development and collaboration agreement. (12-08)

Satellite Technology

SSL Selected for NASA Project to Develop Robotic On-Orbit Satellite Assembly.  (12-10)

Government, Military & Defense

Revolutionary new drone could provide U.S.Navy long-range targeting data in event of loss of satellite links. (12-10)


Satcom Direct becomes the first to validate its business-aviation services over the Inmarsat 5F-2 satellite. (12-14)

Experts disagree whether pilots or passengers will drive broadband demand for airlines.


Avanti Communications Awarded UK Universal Broadband Contract. (12-7)

Capacity Deals

RSCC and the European service provider, Castor Networks enter into an agreement to provide satellite communications services using RSCC spacecraft Express-AM8.

Ground Systems

Advantech Wireless announces a substantial increase in bookings for its Gallium Nitride (GaN) based Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs). (12-07)


Maridive Group upgrades vessels to Marlink’s VSATWaveCall Plus.  (12-10)

Oil & Gas

RigNet signs connectivity agreement with U.S. Oil & Gas operator. (12-8)

Service Deals

One Horizon Group Signs VoIP-Supply Contract With Globecomm Asia Pte. Ltd. (12-09)


A satellite built at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory and abandoned in 1967 began transmitting again in 2013, an amateur radio operator found. (12-09)

WBMSAT News Bits 09/05/2015

Featured Article

Satellite operators appear likely to lose exclusive use of C-band spectrum.  (09/04)

Industry Groups, Trade Shows

Spacepath Communications returning to IBC  with expanded product portfolio including touch-screen TWTAs.  (08/31)

RR Media CEO Avi Cohen to participate in Euroconsult panel on future of TV distribution at World Satellite Business Week in Paris.  (08/31)

Industry Reports

FSS industry posted an average annual growth rate of 4.3 percent over 2010-2013 with 2013 showing clear signs of slowdown at only +2 percent.  (09/02)

Launch Activity

ARCA Space Corp plans to test high-altitude drones and suborbital rockets at Space Port America in New Mexico.  (09/04)

Navy launches fourth MUOS satellite. (09/02)

Long delayed first launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy now scheduled for April or May of 2016.  (09/02)

Inmarsat launches third Global Xpress satellite.  (08/31)

Krunichev Telecom announces new Launch Information Processing and Display Center supporting visual presentation of launch information.  (08/31)

Indian GSLV launches with GSAT-6.  (08/27)

Market Strategy & Revenues

ST Teleport and AsiaSat bolster a preexisting partnership to enhance service offerings to the VSAT and media sectors. (09/02)

Satellite Operations

Fourth MUOS satellite completes new military smart phone-like network’s near global coverage.  (09/03)

Agency managing Galileo and EGNOS satellite navigation programs finally certifies SES-5 satellite for navigation service three years after launch.  (09/03)

NigComSat 1-R reportedly lying idle in space because of inter-agency rivalry in Nigeria.  (09/01)

Satellite Technology

Finnish startup KNL Networks claims to have developed an alternative that is not only cheaper than satellite but offers reliable global coverage.  (09/04)

DARPA explores on-orbit robotic satellite assembly.  (08/31)

China set to launch world’s longest quantum network –  if all goes according to schedule, China would be first to launch quantum communications satellite.  (08/30)

Government, Military & Defense

Colorado lawmaker pushes U.S. Air Force to scrutinize SpaceX in aftermath of launch failure.  (09/03)

Navy extends contract to Rome Research Corporation for provision of satellite operations and maintenance services.  (09/02)

NASA releases GSFC solicitation for low cost satellite optical communications ground station.  (09/01)

Northrop Grumman, ViaSat and Optus team to respond to tender for  WGS access for Australia.  (09/01)

Kratos’ RT Logic gets $49 million contract to support U.S> government satellite communications.  (09/01)


CITEL proposes allocating 3400 – 3600 MHz portion of C-band to International Mobile Industry.  (09/02)

As LightSquared emerges from bankruptcy, it again seeks FCC authorization of the use of satellite frequencies for its cellular network.  (08/31)


COM DEV announces AVSAT product line, designed to enable aircraft to communicate with satellites, reaches several important milestones.  (09/03)

Iridium aims to save airlines money with new traffic-tracking satellites.  (08/30)

Faster in –flight Wi-Fi coming soon on a global level.  (08/30)


NBN argues its satellite and fixed wireless solutions are delivering higher-speed broadband to remote Australian areas than ever before.  (09/02)


FCC attempts to stop broadcasters from blacking out programs while negotiating with TV providers. (09/04)

Capacity Deals

Axesate signs ,multi-year muilti-transponder agreement with Eutelsat Americas.  (09/03)

Avanti signs multi-year agreement with Global RadioData Communications for secure Ka-band connectivity for government, defence, and emergency service customers.  (09/02)

Ground Systems

McMurdo introduces next-gen software for satellite-aided search and rescue.  (09/04)

M/A-COM expands portfolio with 20watt and 4-watt Ka-band power amplifiers. (09/03)

Wavestream is certified to ISO/AS 9100 quality system standard.  (09/02)

GeoTelecommunicatoins selects Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c platform for enterprise and consumer markets in Russia.  (08/31)

Kymeta’s flat, thin, light and low-cost metamaterials-based satellite tracking antennas to work with Intelsat Epic satellites for mobile applications.  (08/29)


Signalhorn supplying remote managed communications for offshore fleet of leading maritime company.  (09/03)


Russia and China discuss joint mobile satellite communications projects.  (09/01)

Oil & Gas

SpeedCast selected by interoil to deliver highly available and flexible field connectivity solutions.  (09/03)

The Human Element

Satellite communications technology helped to save lives and reconnect loved ones right after the Nepal earthquake.  (09/02)

Oklahoma representative Jim Bridenstine recognized for leadership on space issues.  (09/01)

Satellite images confirm Syrian temple destruction in Syria.  (08/30)

WBMSAT News Bits 08/24/2015

Featured Article

Newtec demonstration at Intelsat teleport smashes efficiency record, with 20 Mbps into 2 MHz of transponder bandwidth.  (08/24)

Industry Groups, Trade Shows

AIAA’s first ever SATCOM engineering tech conference to be held in Australia from September 7 to 10, 2015.  (08/19)

MilSatCom Latin America to occur from September 22nd through 23rd at Macelo Atlantic Suites in Macelo, Brazil.  (08/18)

Industry Reports

NSR report projects satellite earth observation market to reach $4.5 billion in next decade.  (08/24)

Technavio’s analysts forecast the FSS market in North America to grow at a CAGR of 0.76% over the period 2014-2019.  (08/21)

Research and Markets announces the addition of the “Global Satellite M2M Connections and Services Market 2015-2019” report to their offering.  (08/19)

New “Satellite Transponders Market” report added to Research and Markets offerings sees in-flight communications, M2M, and Maritime Broadand continuing to drive growth.  (08/18)

Financial Times reports that approximately 566,000 satellite and cable Pay-TV accounts were discontinued from April through June, 2015.  (08/18)

NSR’s Government and Military Satellite Communications, 12th Edition report provides an in-depth view at the drivers, regional trends, and capacity demand through 2024.  (08/17)

Launch Activity

Eutelsat 8 West B and Intelsat 34 are successfully launched into orbit by an Ariane 5 rocket.  (08/24)

Inmarsat’s third Global Xpress satellite expected to launch Friday, August 28; the company hopes it will deliver a $500m boost to revenue by 2020.  (08/23)

Navy’s fourth MUOS satellite is set atop Atlas V for August 31 launch.  (08/21)

ISRO’s GSAT-6 communications satellite prepares for August 27 launch. (08/21)

Argentina’s ARSAT-2 arrives in French Guiana for September launch.  (08/21)

Market Strategy & Revenues

Satellite Solutions Worldwide acquires Sat2Way.  (08/20)

Under development agreement, SHARP will use its liquid crystal display production technology to manufacture Kymeta’s new flat-panel satellite antenna.  (08/19)

Satcom Direct Communications signs agreement to acquire Airbus DS SatCom Government, Inc.  (08/18)

Satellite Construction

U.S. Export-Import Bank’s loss of operating charter leads to Boeing’s loss of $85 million satellite contract with Asia Broadcast Satellite.  (8/22)

Avanti Communications Group announces completion of financing for its HYLAS 4 satellite.  (08/19)

Government, Military & Defense

Team from the Air Force, Navy and Lockheed Martin tests MUOS in Antarctica.  (08/24)

Nigerian Director General of NASRDA laments that ‘foreigners control 97% of Africa’s satellite technology.  (08/23)

From throttle to brakes ACMS maintainers make RPA (Remote Piloted Aircraft) missions possible.  (08/21)

Israel and the United States announced an agreement of cooperation to track and prevent collisions between satellites in orbit.  (08/18)


FCC rules that Dish cannot operate two small subsidiaries and receive discounts reserved for small businesses, while bidding for spectrum during the upcoming AWS-3 Auction 97.  (08/19)


Satcom Direct introduces AeroIT – training and certification for IT in Aviation.  (08/18)

Ratheon delivers next-generation SATCOM radio for certification testing.  (08/16)


Comcast will deploy DOCSIS 3.1 across entire footprint by 2018, enabling speeds up to 10 Gbps over Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network.  (08/24)

Joining Google, SpaceX and Facebook in proposing large satellite constellations for broadband, Samsung proposes 4,500 LEO satellites.  (08/17)


EVP at Encompass Digital Media states that satellite DTH broadcasting appears to be outpacing cable in Latin America.  (08/21)

Beximco Communications set to launch DTH service for TV viewers in Bangladesh.  (08/21)

Capacity Deals

Aircom Pacific leases tranponders across AsiaSat fleet for in-flight entertainment delivery.  (08/21)

Disaster Recovery

Optus targets small business with satellite continuity service to use in event of fibre network outage.  (08/21)

Ground Systems

Es’hailSat signs deal with Promer to build teleport north of Doha.  (08/24)

Intellian 60cm and 1m antennas approved in partnership with Telenor Satellite Broadcasting as VSAT platforms for THOR 7 satellite.  (08/21)


Eurostar launches Asianet Mobile TV app in the Arabian Gulf.  (08/25)

Oil & Gas

Speedcast gets one of its largest satellite service agreements ever in the energy sector, covering over 20 countries in Asia-Pacific and Africa.  (08/24)

Meosat has announced its O3b Networks satellite communications system is live and operational in Southern Iraq.  (08/17)

The Human Element

NewCom and Kidnected World to bring satellite-based internet connectivity to indigenous children.  (08/19)

WBMSAT News Bits 08/14/15

Featured Article

China, Russia and the U.S. are developing and testing controversial new capabilities to wage war in space despite their denial of such work.  (08-10)

Industry Reports

M2M Satellite Communication Market Poised to reach 5.91 Billion USD by 2020.  (08-11)

Is Small the new Big?  Unprecedented venture capital flowing to nano and microsat business plans.  (08-11)

Northern Sky report to provide unparalleled in-depth view at the drivers, regional trends, and capacity demand through 2024.  (September 2015)

Launch Activity

DoD asks industry what it would take to close business case to develop new rocket main engine for satellite launches. (08-13)

MUOS-4 secure communications satellite encapsulated for August 31 launch.  (08-13)

NBN’s ‘Sky Muster’ satellite to launch October 1, 2015.  (08-13)

Number of small satellites launched in 2015 is likely to fall short of the growth predicted in recent forecasts because of launch failure. (08-12)

Orbital ATK orders second Atlas 5, leaves door open for more.  (08-11)

In a move to make space more accessible, Rocket Lab has released a system for booking satellite launches online. (08-3)

Market Strategy & Revenues

SES Techcom Services and POST Telecom partner to develop smart cloud-based ICT solutions.  (08-14)

Gilat partners with leading China satellite communication companies for their first Ka HTS multi-spot-beam satellite.  (08-12)

NewSat to be liquidated.  (08-11)

X2nSat growth hits 24% in past six months.  (08-10)

Panasonic completes ITC Global acquisition.  (08-10)

HISPASAT reaches agreement with British owners of Goonhilly Earth Station to provide TV distribution services throughout Europe. (08-10)

Rockwell Collins acquires International Communications Group.  (08-10)

Satellite Construction

A new-generation telecommunications satellite developed by the European Space Agency in partnership with Hispasat has again fallen behind schedule.(08-13)

Lockheed Martin wins commercial Atlas launch contract for EchoStar XIX communications satellite – (08-11)

Satellite Technology

Thaicom and Kasetsart University to cooperate in research design and development to enhance efficiency of satellite communications systems.  (08-14)

DARPA program called Vacuum Electronic Science and Technology looks to build systems supporting higher operation RF signals that are “louder” and thereby harder to jam and otherwise interfere with.  (08-11)

Government, Military & Defense

Navy and Air Force test MUOS satellite system for truly global mobile communications.  (08-13)

Chairman of House Science Committee prods NASA about perceived special treatment for SpaceX following failure of ISS resupply mission. (08-3)

U.S. Army contracts Raytheon to conduct certification testing on an upgraded satellite communications system used on its aircraft.  (08-12)

India’s Department of Space considers changes in satellite communications policy.  (08-12)

General Dynamics equipping new Navy vessels with radios for MUOS.  (08-11)


Inmarsat awarded funding for project to revolutionise e-commerce and maternity services in remote Nigerian and Kenyan communities.  (08-14)

Samsung is proposing launching thousands of tiny satellites that could provide superfast internet to five billion people worldwide.  (08-13)

Earth Observation

Fugro expands survey services and satellite imagery capabilities.  (08-13)

Ground Systems

RT Logic and Spaceflight partner to enhance small satellite ground support.  (08-13)

Beam Communications to remove profiling of Oceana and Terra terminal SIMS to allow use in different market sectors, not just at sea.  (08-12)

Comtech Telecommunications gets $1.4 million in equipment orders to support mobile backhaul network upgrade in Latin America.  (08-10)

Oil & Gas

SpeekCast wins multiyear Ku-band connectivity contract for nine GMS barges working offshore oilfields.  (08-13)


Alpha Space signs cooperative agreement with NASA to offer first-in-the-world research flight facility. (08-13)

New military space traffic-management and operations center proposed as a backup could eventually take over the primary role. (08-12)

NASA building flying robot space drones.  (08-04)


NASA’s first successful communications satellite launched August 1, 1960.  (08-12)

IPSTAR, world’s first High Throughput Satellite, celebrates 10 years.  (08-10)

The Human Element

Ebola outbreak proves mettle of VSAT systems.  (08-11)

WBMSAT News Bits 08/02/15

Featured Article

Congress misses chance to reauthorize the Export-Import bank, leaving the satellite industry in limbo. (07-31)

Industry Reports

M2M Satellite Communication Market worth 5.91 Billion USD by 2020. (July 2015)

Launch Activity

EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite being fueled in preparation for August 20 launch on Arianed 5 Flight VA225. (07-31)

Rocket Lab signs partnership with NASA allowing it to use NASA resources for launch efforts. (07-31)

Intelsat tempers down a disagreement with SpaceX over the deployment of two experimental satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). (07-29)

China’s Long March 3B launches two BeiDou satellites. (07-29)

Russia schedules first Proton rocket launch since May crash destroyed a Mexican satellite. (07-29)

Market Strategy & Revenues

Intelsat says its investment in OneWeb came in return for exclusive rights to wide swath of OneWeb’s future markets. (07-31)

DataPath establishes new Aberdeen, Md proving ground office. (07-31)

exactEarth Ltd. announces that the proposed exactEarth initial public offering is being postponed due to current challenging conditions in the capital markets.’ (07-31)

Eutelsat reports full year 2014-15 results fully in line with objectives; revenues of €1,476m up 4.0% like-for-like, and 9.5% on a reported basis. (07-30)

Intelsat reports Q2 earnings, says future satellites remain on track. (07-30)

Telesat reports Q2 earnings; will soon order Telstar 18. (07-30)

Iridium reports 2nd Q results and lowers annual service revenue and Operational EBITDA 2015 and long range outlook. (07-30)

Globalstar Spectrum just happens to sit right next to the band of spectrum that is used for WIFI and according to GSAT could boost U.S. WIFI capacity by as much as 33%. (07-30)

VT iDirect, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering), has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, VT iDirect Solutions in Ireland. (07-30)

Eutelsat is becoming a partner of Starburst Accelerator, a startup accelerator established in 2013 to stimulate growth in the aerospace industry. (07-29)

Airtel Ghana partners with Thuraya for 100% coverage for Ghanaians through combination of terrestrial and satellite connectivity. (07-29)

Speedcast strengthens its Maritime business with the acquisition of SAIT Communications. (07-28)

Russian Satellite Communications Company and RSC Energia sign agreement to work together on developing communications and satellite systems. (07-28)

Mexico’s Red 52 anticipates Latin America will remain a hotbed for satcom demand in the years to come. (07-28)

Yahsat signs new service partnership with ClickSat in Pakistan. (07-27)

Satellite Operations

This $1,000 Device Lets Hackers Hijack Satellite Communications. (07-31)

The US Navy’s PCSat NO-44, which is only supposed to transmit over the US, is now drowning out European amateurs and the USN doesn’t know what to do about it. (07-31)

Skynet 5A begins move eastwards to cover the Asia Pacific region. (07-28)

Government, Military & Defense

Secure, Lockheed Martin-built AEHF military satellite communications network now operational. (07-31)

U.S. Missile Defense Agency envisions a partnership with the U.S. Air Force on a system that would also perform space surveillance. (07-30)

TCS to continue support of USMC’s tactical satellite communications network. (07-30)

Military is the perfect customer for HTS – they can never get enough bandwidth, and are faced with cutting costs – but ground infrastructure is a barrier.  (07-27)


Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission investigates satellite parabolic dish smuggling syndicate. (07-31)


TTCL of Tanzania announces new digital capabilities with the launch of 100% national broadband coverage via Avanti’s satellite. (07-30)


German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle launches its German-language TV channel DW Deutsch on Astra 4A. (08-01)

StarTimes to distribute DTH TV channels to subscribers across Sub-Saharan Africa via SES Platform Services’ broadcast facility in Germany. (08-01)

Capacity Deals

FSM Telecommunications Corporation (FSMTC) has reached a multi-year, multi-transponder agreement with Asia Broadcast Satellite. (07-28)

Ground Systems

Globecomm receives an IDIQ contract from a preexisting customer to upgrade its telecommunications infrastructure. (07-31)

Canada makes multimillion dollar investment in Inuvik satellite station facility. (07-31)

C-COM’s iNetVu 1.2m Ka-band vehicle mount antenna system receives type approval from ViaSat for use on Exede network. (07-30)

Satcom Direct’s popular GlobalVT(SM) app now available for Android(TM) devices. (07-30)

Oil & Gas

Harris launches offshore satcom service providing Ku, Ka, and C-band with one antenna, one price, and guaranteed service availability. (07-30)

Service Deals



Workers begin constructing the panels of the world’s largest radio telescope in the mountains of China’s Guizhou Province. (07-28)

The Human Element

You’ll have 12 hours to get ready for the solar storm that could paralyze the world. – (07-29)

WBMSAT News Bits 07/27/2015

Featured Article

AT&T closes DirecTV purchase following FCC approval of the transaction. – 7/24

Featured Book

“Innovations in Satellite Communication and Satellite Technology,” by Daniel Minoli, surveys key advances in commercial satellite communications and what might be the implications and/or opportunities for end-users and service providers in utilizing the latest fast-evolving innovations in this field.

Industry Groups, Trade Shows

Hosted Payload and Smallsat Summit to be held in Washington D.C. October 8.

Industry Reports

Number of satellite-connected devices with access to a global network is projected to surpass 2 billion in 2015 and reach more than 28 billion by 2020. – 7/24

Launch Activity

Air Force’s WGS-7 satellite launched from Cape Canaveral as threatening weather skirts the site. – 7/27

Air Force says ULA will need 18 – 22 Russian RD-180 rocket engines to compete with SpaceX for upcoming National Security launches.  – 7/27

Chinese Long March 3B launches dual Beidou mission. – 7/25

SBIRS GEO-4 will leapfrog GEO-3 to the Launchpad. – 7/24

EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite lands in Kourou Spaceport and preps for Ariane 5 launch on August 20. – 7/20

Market Strategy & Revenues

Yahsat signs new service partnership with ClickSat in Pakistan. -7/27

SkyStream diversifies business to include new verticals and systems integration; is considering European opportunity.  – 7/27

SES unable to provide forecast for 2016 revenue until SpaceX sets firm date for launch of SES-9 satellite.

ISS Reshetnev building new facility for satellite antennas and feeder devices.  – 7/23

Motive signs MOU with MTN to provide BYOD TV technology and engineering support to develop new services. 7/20

Satellite Construction

Indian DTH and communications satellite for SAARC moves closer to reality. – 07/27

COM DEV wins major order for equipment for two commercial communications satellites. – 7/24

SSL delivers its 50th satellite, Intelsat 34, to Kourou for Ariane 5 launch. – 7/22

Satellite Operations

Airbus Defence and Space moving Skynet 5A satellite for better Asia Pacific protection and secure military satcom. – 7/27

Boeing is completing the first tests of military Ka-band service available through the Inmarsat-5 F2 commercial communications satellite. – 7/23

Satellite interference is a critical challenge as satellite communications becomes a  more important piece of day-to-day life.

Satellite Technology

Effective Space Solutions secures downpayment funding for first two in-orbit servicing spacecraft. – 7/23

Escape Dynamics announces successful test of thruster powered y beamed high power microwave energy.  – 7/23

Future Army nanosatellites to empower soldiers. – 7/22

Government, Military & Defense

UK agrees to liability cap for satellite operators, to encourage growth in Britain’s commercial space sector.  – 7/27

GAO warns DoD of “fragmented” approach to commercial satellites that costs money in lost bulk-purchase opportunities. – 7/22

Defense contractor team completes information assurance CDR for AEHF low cost terminals.  – 7/22

Transportable, reliable communications and command-and-control systems critical to Army’s vision of role as “expeditionary” force. – 7/21

JFCC kicks off six month CEC experiment with six satellite operators for greater information sharing to improve Space Situational Awareness. 7/20

Inmarsat to lead mobile satellite technology feasibility study for ESA. – 7/20


FCC approves the AT&T acquisition of DirecTV.  – 7/24

FCC moves toward denial of Dish’s $3.3 billion in discounts earned by bidding through smaller companies in spectrum auction. – 7/23

Consumer groups say FCC conditions on AT&T-DirecTV merger fall short. – 7/23

Intelsat claims SpaceX internet satellites could block its own and asks FCC to reject SpaceX application for permission to test proposed service. – 7/22


ESA and Inmarsat target 2018 for initial 4-D flight path control for European airspace to be in place. – 7/21


Mobil Satellite Technologies announces availability of automatic satellite antenna system and broadband satellite internet service.  – 7/22


Media Networks is shifting focus primarily to HD, 4K, and expanding the reach of television beyond the home. – 7/27

Earth Observation

NASA helps tame earth-based fires using space-based technology. – 7/22

NASA satellite takes spectacular whole-earth image from space.

Ground Systems

Norsat receives follow-on order from Eurasian defense contractor.  – 7/27

NBN satellite station going live outside Broke Hill, Australia. – 07/26

Comtech Telecommunications wins $1.6 million military TWTA contract. – 07/22

Iridium announces availability of mobile applications for Iridium GO!, – 7/22

MaxLinear’s satellite CSS chipset powers world’s first reconfigurable Digital LNB from ProBand. – 7/22

Harris gets $45 million in delivery orders for advanced satellite terminals for Army.  – 7/21


New Class CEO sees future for the connected ship, bringing big data to the maritime industry. – 7/21


UK and South African space agencies to increase collaboration.  – 7/27

Bahraini National Space Science Agency representatives discuss cooperation in technology and space science with UAE Space Agency. – 7/26

The Human Element

Vern Fotheringham leaves Leosat to begin new venture, V-Satcast. – 7/27

Hispasat to supply satellite communications to the Ruta BBVA organization on Colombian leg of their journey. – 07/24