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“I was privileged to work with Bill during my two years consulting as Project Manager for SES Americom on an Internet Protocol Television project. Bill was the senior design engineer on the project and responsible for the detailed engineering proposals and implementation drawings. We worked closely together on system planning and project and budget control and Bill was unfailingly quick, decisive and accurate in all aspects of the work. Bill brought a wealth of experience in satellite communications and technical facility planning to the work, but more importantly he was a valued contributor to all aspects of the project and was always available to provide good advice and support. He is a true team player, with the ability to work in effective collaboration with a number of others while multi-tasking. He has the rare ability to remain calm and collected in the most trying of project situations. Bill is a true professional, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”
David Elliot , Consultant , Elliottech

“Bill is one of the great engineers I have had the pleasure to work with during my career at SES-Americom. His expertise, wide experience and drive for excellence are always relied upon by the organization’s top management, and he is constantly being chosen as the clear leader to deliver many of organization’s key business initiatives. His innovative approach to providing multiple business solutions have not only helped the organization but have also served an example for his team and colleagues. Bill has always exhibited a high degree of professionalism and extreme dedication to the projects at hand, often providing expert guidance and support during many difficult work situations. For all of us who have had the opportunity to work with Bill, his work ethics and professionalism are qualities that constantly serve as an encouragement and reminder of standards that we all should be striving for.”
Layn Lesniewski, PMP , TOC Level II Engineer , SES Americom

“Bill's technical expertise and leadership capabilities came to surface with every project assigned. His expansive knowledge base and uncanny ability to communicate was of great assistance. While working with Bill I was able to benefit greatly from his mentoring to expand my own industry knowledge.”
Laura Czachorowski , IP Prime Operations Administrator , SES Americom

“Bill is an extremely knowledgeable individual. He is creative, hard working and his abundance of experience in the field of satellite communications permits him to develop engineering solutions which are elegant and cost effective.”
Tony Castranova , Principle Member Engineering Staff , SES Engineering

Bill is unquestionably among the most talented satellite engineering intellectuals that I have had the pleasure of working with.” November 7, 2008
Jay Thakkar , Sr. IP Network Architect Engineer , SES Americom

“Bill is an excellent engineer. I have worked with Bill at Americom for 12 years on a multiple projects and am impressed with his extensive tech skills. He is very independent and talented individual with outstanding document generation skill.” October 23, 2008
Indra Khatri , Principal Engineer , SES Americom

“I have worked with Bill on many complicated projects and Bill had always demonstrated outstanding engineering practices and principals in all his efforts. Bill has years of experience and a tremendous knowledge base in his field. Utilizing high attention to detail you can count on Bill to get things done right. To some Bill up, I would use words such as; excellence, partnership, leadership, integrity and innovation” June 24, 2008
Christopher Kean , Principal Member Engineering Staff , SES Americom

“The purpose of this note is to endorse and recommend Bill as a highly skilled and talented engineer. I am willing to respond to requests for further detail. Regards Ed” May 3, 2008
Ed Horowitz , President and CEO , SES Americom

“William is a great person to work with. He is knowledgeable, highly experienced and follows through with all details and explanations.” April 29, 2008
Richard J. Galos , Principal Engineer , SES Americom

“Bill is an experienced communications engineer. I worked with Bill on an IPTV system where his extensive technical skills, dedication to complete, attention to detail and creation of proper documentation were pivotal in meeting company and customer requirements on or before the deadline. Bill is a high caliber individual driven to succeed.” April 11, 2008
Christopher A. Isaac , Senior Operations Manager , SES Americom  

“Mr. McDonald championed the core design and implementation of one of the first IPTV Super Headend and service offering, IP Prime. Under the direction of Mr. McDonald, Globecomm provided engineering and integration services in making the program a success. My experience working with Mr. McDonald was very good and I look forward in continuing the business relationship I have with Mr. McDonald.” April 11, 2008
Gerard Johnston , Vice President , Globecomm Systems Inc.  

“Bill is an excellent and experienced engineer. I have worked with Bill on satellite teleport and video projects. He has the technical skills, the ability to create great written documents and drawings, and can manage a project to completion.” April 10, 2008
David Garcia , Director, Video Products , SES Americom

“Bill is an attentive, intuitive and knowledgeable satellite engineer. His work was always professionally assembled and proficient. I would always look forward to additional engagements with Bill.” April 10, 2008
Sid Gregory , SVP Advanced Technology , TCI

“I have worked with William on a number of different projects over my 30+ years at Americom. I can attest to his engineering knowledge. Here are two examples. 1) William was called out to a client site to complete an operation audit. He did it in short order, found several problems, made corrective recommendations which were carried out. The client was extremely happy with the results and William was instrumental in maintaining the relationship with the client. 2) I worked with William implementing a new digital platform. He made sure that his responsibilities were completed on time. He help guide the team through the installation/acceptance process. Without his effort the job would never have been completed. He is a dedicated experienced engineer one that will not let you down.” April 10, 2008
Fred Cain , Director, Transponder Sales , SES Americom

“Bill did a great job supporting various projects for the NASS Group at SES_AMERICOM. His work was very thorough and on time.” April 10, 2008
Sean Tietjen , Director , SES-Americom

“Bill McDonald is a very strong communications network engineer that can detail out the most complex products in a communications network with very precise representations. His knowledge of Satellite networks is equally strong and consumed a majority of his career. The transition he led our group through MPEG-2 to 4, DVB S to DVB S.2 and QAM to IPTV simultaneously in the past 5 years speaks to his engineering leadership. He transfers this knowledge easily. I always look forward to working with Bill.” April 10, 2008
Kelly Daniels , Principle Engineer - Terrestrial Systems Engineering , SES Americom

“Along most of my time working for SES-AMERICOM, William was a very supportive team work member. His amazing pro-activity and sense of urgency gave our team the strength to deal with overload periods and get over all major obstacles we´ve faced together. He is a great asset for any company that aims challenging results. I´m very proud to say that I was once part of his team. Celso Merege Former Brazil Country Manager for SES-AMERICOM” March 12, 2008
Celso Merege , Brazil Country Manager , SES-AMERICOM

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