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WBMSAT Company Background

    WBMSAT was incorporated by the President, Bill McDonald, at year-end 2007, and began accepting clients in 2008.
    WBMSAT partners with major satellite systems integrators and professionals in various disciplines related to satellite and telecommunications networking.  The company and its partners are capable of engineering, designing, and integrating satellite communications systems and associated telecommunications networks of any size.

President's background

     WBMSAT's president Bill McDonald has over 36 years experience in satellite communications, employed by SES Americom (formerly GE Americom and RCA Americom).
    Bill developed superior systems engineering and project management skills.  He works with established or growing companies, leveraging his experience and education, taking on challenges and helping drive company growth.
    During his time at SES Americom he managed numerous complex engineering projects, working with cross-functional teams to deliver projects ahead of schedule and within budget. An experienced leader as well as an engineer and technician, he has a people-oriented management style that values clear communication, client satisfaction, and innovative solutions. His familiarity with all aspects of systems design and testing and project management as well as his  proven history of success make him an ideal candidate for any project requiring versatility, creative problem solving, and the ability to forge effective internal and external relationships. He can bring positive energy and solid results to your organization.


For a more detailed presentation of his qualifications and background, please review Bill's resume.

Contact Bill:      bill.mcdonald@wbmsat.com
Phone              360-895-0478


Associations belonged to

 WBMSAT PS, Consultants - Telecommunication, 

Port Orchard, WA

LinkedIn Profile

Gerson Lehrman Group Expert

Intota Expert

Zintro Expert

Member Society of Satellite Professionals International

Member IEEE

 Page Updated: 04/26/15