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Engineering and Integrating Satellite Communications
Systems That Work The First Time, Under Budget

Our capabilities include:

Needs Assessment

WBMSAT will work with the client to understand the client's requirements for a satellite communications system.  We will ask the right questions to ensure a system proposal that will meet the client's needs.

Link Analysis

WBMSAT will perform analysis of the proposed satellite link based on the parameters and coverage of the proposed satellite and the customer's geographic locations.  The analysis will determine equipment requirements including transmitter power, antenna sizes, and receiver requirements which will provide the satellite link availability required by the client.

System Engineering

WBMSAT will design a satellite communications system which meets the needs of the client.  As part of the system design, we will specify the equipment required to meet the client's need and define the system layout and equipment interconnections.

Technical Documentation

WBMSAT will produce technical documents and engineering drawings which define equipment to be used, detail the system design and layout, and define system performance parameters which will meet client requirements.

Cost Proposal

WBMSAT will prepare a cost proposal for the proposed project which projects the cost of proposed equipment, services, and incidentals including sales taxes and shipping costs.

Systems Integration

WBMSAT can install and connect equipment for small installations such as a VSAT system.  WBMSAT can supervise a team of integrators or a contracting integrator for larger systems.

Contractor Management

WBMSAT can research the capabilities of contractors needed to perform tasks as part of the project implementation, such as equipment integration.  We will obtain quotes, and evaluate the contractors based upon capabilities and cost. We will make recommendations for contractor selection.  We can supervise the contractor's performance during the project.

Program Management

WBMSAT can manage equipment ordering, delivery, integration, testing, and system acceptance. We can co-ordinate and oversee contractor activities, providing reports on contractor performance, progress of the project, and compliance with the projected budget.

System and Equipment Testing

WBMSAT can evaluate system acceptance test procedures prepared by the contractors who will install equipment for the customer.  We can observe and supervise the acceptance testing and validate the results.
WBMSAT can perform field testing of existing satellite earth station equipment including antenna systems, RF systems, ground communications equipment, upconverters, downconverters, modems, baseband equipment, etc.

Quality Assurance

WBMSAT can assure, through system availability analysis, oversight of the project stages, and ensuring that the system meets or exceeds the requirements of acceptance testing, that the quality of the system meets or exceeds the client's requirements.

Staff Training

WBMSAT can prepare a satellite communications system training curriculum customized to fit the client's requirements and present the training to the client's staff in the work environment or in a classroom.

Industry Research

WBMSAT excels at researching industry trends, technical developments, and satellite communications ground equipment capabilities and pricing.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the guiding principal of WBMSAT.  Every action we take is guided by the requirement to meet the needs of the client to the client's satisfaction.

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 Page Updated: 04/26/15